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The Big Book of Greyhounds

Broward Pet Cemetery will act as guardians of our pets and of our Big Book of Greyhounds. When you have remains placed in the Memorial, you will have the option to create your own page for the book or to send us your information and we will create a page for you. A example of the standard, suggested format is shown below. Each page will be encased in an archival quality page protector and kept in a binder. There will be sections for our greyhounds, for non-greyhounds, for humans and for Special Sponsors whose donations should be recognized.

A page in the book is optional and does not have to be done at the same time as the interrment of the cremains. You may want to do the page but hold the remains a while longer. Or send the cremains to us but do the page at a later time. Don’t worry. We’re real people with our own greyhounds. These things can be stressful subjects. We’ll work with you at your pace.

This is a sample format for the Big Book of Greyhounds. You may create your own or provide us with the information and photo and we will put it together for you.

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