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Practical Matters (FAQ)

Who are these people?

Broward Pet Cemetery is big in acreage but small in staff so they know everything about this place and it is their passion. The manager is Randy Temkin and his whole family is involved, too. In addition, there is Sandy Ketcham who has been at Broward Pet Cemetery for the past twenty years. Yes, you got it right – it’s Randy and Sandy! See their website at

Broward Pet Cemetery

Broward Pet Cemetery

The founders of the Greyhound Memorial are Jerry Deitch and Michelle Weaver of Friends of Greyhounds, Inc. See our website at

How do I get my Greyhound into the Greyhound Memorial?

If your greyhound is still with you, you may pre-plan by using the form to secure a location in the memorial. Follow the instructions to send your basic information and check to us. We will issue you a certificate for a space. At such time as your greyhound passes, you may ship the cremains to us for interment. If you are in the Broward area, you may also pre-plan and even pre-pay for the cremation service through Broward Pet Cemetery. These types of options may be important to those among us who know their own personal end is near and want to take as good a care of their dog as possible. See their website for those details.

If you have your greyhound’s ashes that you would like to have put into the memorial, complete the form and follow the instructions on it. Cremains may be shipped to Friends of Greyhounds or to Broward Pet Cemetery, whichever you prefer. Follow the instructions on the form.

Can my “non-greyhound” pets also be in the Memorial?

Yes. We acknowledge that many greyhounds have “sisters” and “brothers” of other species. If you really want them to be together, you may have their cremains buried with your greyhound in the Memorial. This does not all have to be done at the same time. There will be a separate charge for each pet.

And what about me? I want to spend eternity with my dogs instead of with my mother in law! Can you help?

Yes. As long as Friends of Greyhounds is the management for the Greyhound Memorial, human cremains may be included. There is a separate form for that and a slightly higher fee as there is a little extra work involved in documentation and handling. But yes, I fully intend to spend eternity with my dogs. You can, too. Then they can sell all my stuff at a yard sale and I really won’t care.

I think this is right for me. How do I proceed?

Placing cremains into the Memorial starts with paperwork, of course! You will need to complete a form so that we have all the critical information. Then you will need to send the ashes. And you will want to do the Big Book page. So . . .

Please give us some basic information about who you are and what you would like to do. To make arrangements for Greyhound cremains to be put in the Memorial, use this form for greyhounds To make arrangements for a non-greyhound pet to be added to the memorial, use this form for non-greyhound pets. To arrange for your cremains or those of another human to join the Memorial, use this form for humans. Complete the information and submit the form to us. You may email a scanned copy to or fax it to 954-578-0107, or mail it to Friends of Greyhounds, 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322. This lets us know ahead of time to expect a delivery.

If you are making arrangements pre-need, you will want to send the original form with your payment to us by mail. We will reply with a receipt and acknowledgment. Keep a copy for your records.

When you are ready to part with the ashes, you may send a copy of the receipted form with them. If you did not pre-arrange, send the ashes with the original form and payment. You will want to pack the cremains carefully. If they are in an urn or wooden box, you will probably want to open the urn and just ship the cremains themselves to save on the weight and prevent possible breakage in transit. The cremains should be in a bag of some sort inside. Put them inside another bag (like a Ziploc) for extra safety and package them carefully. For your own reassurance, ship them with some form of delivery tracking. You may want to use a UPS or Fedex store and let them pack them in a properly sized, securely sealed box.

Please DO NOT send any tags, collars, blankets or memorabilia for your pet. We can only place the actual ashes in the Memorial. The page in the Big Book is the only other thing we can keep around for your pet.

Be absolutely sure that we have up to date contact information for you in case there is any question at all. We will let you know when we have received the cremains and we will let you know when they have been properly placed.

If you are local, you can bring them to us at the house or the kennel. Or you could take the ashes to Broward Pet Cemetery. If necessary, I could probably pick them up from you. You can call me and ask. Please check that they are properly identified and accompanied by the correct, signed form and payment has been made. .

There may sometimes be a few days delay between receipt of your package and the actual burial of the ashes. That is not unusual and it could be caused by rain or holidays or a busy time at the Cemetery or at Friends of Greyhounds. Don’t worry. We will give your pets the respect they each individually deserve. After all, these greyhounds are all family – and so are their adoptive parents.

I’m going to join you and my dogs in the Memorial. What now?

The first part to having human remains in the Memorial is to complete the form and be absolutely sure we receive an ORIGINAL of it. You may have to execute more than one original as you will need to be sure your heirs and relatives are well informed of your decision so that they will act on it. If you have pre-arranged this with us we will already have an original form and payment so a copy of the paperwork to verify identity accompanying the cremains should be sufficient. Human cremains may be shipped to the FoG address in Sunrise that is shown on the form. If they are being personally delivered, please call first to be sure someone is home. You may want to give us a contact person to keep informed. And have someone complete your information for the Big Book of Greyhounds if you’d like to be included.

What if I have another question?

Call me, Michelle, on my cell at 954-937-9663 (that’s 954-YES-WOOF). I am going in a lot of directions every day so please be sure we have not already addressed your questions somewhere here. If we have not answered them, call me! We’ll figure it out together. We’re real people. We understand that it’s a big decision to trust us with your precious pets and we do take every detail as seriously as you do.