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Greyhound Memorial

What is the Greyhound Memorial?

In short – One beautiful place for our greyhounds and greyhound lovers to be together for eternity.

Friends of Greyhounds has purchased a triple plot in Broward Pet Cemetery in a special, beautiful front area and prepaid for perpetual care for the location. We have ordered a simple carved stone marker. We may add to this at some time in the future. Broward Pet Cemetery has given us permission for pretty much whatever we would like to do within the limits of their normal rules. The location is large and green and greyhound spirits will just love romping through there. And we all know how much greyhounds love to be together. Our Greyhound Memorial will be available to all greyhounds, forever.

When you are ready to part with the remains of your greyhound friend, complete the form and bring or ship the cremains to us. The information is all on the form. There is a fee for this service as we are sharing the cost of the plots and the perpetual care among us all. Your ashes will not be scattered on the ground. They will be carefully and respectfully buried in our special area with the other greyhounds.

You may send a photo and a short paragraph about your dog as well and we will prepare a page for our Big Book of Greyhounds so others can remember him or her. The Book will have a special place in the “parlor” of the Cemetery office.

Your $100 fee will cover the cost of interring the cremains, preparing documentation and the page in the Big Book of Greyhounds. It will also allow for a small donation back to Friends of Greyhounds to recover the initial costs and any unanticipated management expense. It will give you a permanent place where you can know that your greyhound is among friends, safe and loved. You may visit the Greyhound Memorial anytime the Broward Pet Cemetery is open. Currently 365 days a year during daylight hours.